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I am in search of the equilibrium between urban and wild.  My installations, collage-drawings, sculpture and encaustic paintings are moments of immersion into quiet space much like the experience of being alone in the wilderness or anonymous in the dense public city.  Non-representational and informed by the material at hand, I work to recreate a moment of balance or a point of curiosity or a flash of perfect beauty.

I experiment with material from wool and satin to branches and stones, and often something discarded and considered no longer useful.  Currently I am working with paper, junk mail, yellowing pages from old books, tracing paper and paperclay.  With these materials I use mapping as well as my knowledge of local flora such as lichen to create a visual commentary of the specific human interaction with the landscape.  I create on both a specimen-like scale (that which is precious) and a more encompassing installation scale (that which is experienced).

The work is an expression of a sense of place.  We are not separate from the landscape and I feel an immense folding of myself into this land we refer to as “The West”.  I am yet another layer revealed in an eroding cliff face.  This folding and revealing over time is inherently connected to memory therefore the external investigation of the landscape becomes a parallel to the internal query of the equally expansive inner landscape of spirit and psyche.

The land is at once the fundamental beginning, the vast beach of wind-carved dunes and ever pushing cold salt water; seeping mountain springs roiled into silted pools and glacial releases churning granite boulders into pebbles and sand.  It is also the end, the future and something beyond the perfection of silence.